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At Sable Point Wealth Management, guiding and protecting is in our blood. See how we can be your trusted guide to take advantage of opportunity, navigate adversity and reach your destination.

Retirement Planning Strategies

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Retirement, in many ways, is the best part of your financial voyage. It’s what you’ve been working toward for years. It is the destination. And, just like any voyage, planning for retirement requires the establishment of objectives, assessment of risk, mapping a course and prudent allocation of resources. Our role is to listen, to get to know you, and to ask the right questions. Then to guide you in the creation of a customized plan of action to get you where you want and need to be. We can assist 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and non-qualified deferred compensation plans and their participants in making thoughtful decisions about their investment manager selection and plan design.

Investment Management

Think of your investments as the fuel that powers your journey. They are critical to your success, which is why your investment strategy must be carefully planned and constantly monitored. Our proprietary process finds investment opportunities and utilizes innovative stress testing and risk assessment to keep your goals in sight. And, of course, we’ll work closely with you to evaluate and adjust as necessary.

Multigenerational Wealth and Estate Planning

If your personal financial journey is one that spans generations and planning for what happens many years down the road is of great importance to you, then working together we can create a multigenerational road map that takes into consideration your family values as well as financial assets.

Perhaps you have very specific wants and desires — strategic planning for the ‘sandwich generation’ or, as a baby boomer, caring for elderly parents while your own children are still reliant on you for support due to their own economic challenges. Perhaps you want to provide for a special needs child or support a passionate cause. Whatever your goals, we will ensure all the pieces are in place to see they are met.

And, of course, preserving wealth across generations with tax efficiency will be an integral part of your family’s long-term financial plan. What’s more, we’ll make sure you have all financial tools and documents prepared and in place, such as Power of Attorney, health care advocacy and life estate deeds.

Divorce Financial Analysis

Unfortunately, our journeys don’t always go as planned and we are forced to confront obstacles. If you are faced with a divorce, we can help you determine efficiencies in divorce settlements, and project the short- and long-term impact of these transitions. A divorce analysis helps determine new costs of living, budgeting, pension valuations, and can help ensure your divorce settlement is equitable for both parties.

Small Business Financial Planning

In many cases, it’s impossible to separate your long-term personal financial well being from that of your business. The two are intertwined, so we must create strategies and solutions to achieve long-term goals and ensure ongoing prosperity for both. For your business, we can assist you with cash flow management, succession planning, implementation of employer-sponsored retirement plans and more. So you — and your business — are protected, prepared and confident about the future.

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